13th WCG Birthday Challenge

Witajcie na oficjalnym forum internetowym drużyny Polish National Team wspierającej naukę poprzez platformę obliczeń rozproszonych BOINC.
W tym dziale poruszamy zagadnienia dotyczące funkcjonowania naszego zespołu.

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13th WCG Birthday Challenge

Postprzez Terminator » 17 paź 2017, 15:49

Dear members of Polish National Team,

For Nov 16th to Nov 22th 2017 SETI.Germany is arranging a challenge at World Community Grid on the occasion of the grids 13th birthday:


We would like to invite Polish National Team to participate in the challenge and hope that your team and many members of your team will be joining and participting this event.
!!Be aware, only your WCG-Team-Captain can join your team to the challenge!!

More information and statistics regarding the challenge can be found here.http://www.seti-germany.de/wcg/1_en_Welcome.html

Your participation is very much appreciated.

Many Greetings: Terminator
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weekend majowy nad morzem

Postprzez AlarryHob » 10 mar 2018, 12:04

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