Propposal for a new competion

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Propposal for a new competion

Postprzez Sebastien » 29 lis 2013, 23:30

Hello Team PNT,

Some members of the team L'Alliance Francophone are thinking about the creation of a new annual ranking : the Rush BOINC .

What is the principle of the Rush BOINC ?

At the end of the year 2013, a list of eligible projects will be defined. This list should count about sixty projects.
Each participating team must perform 20-25 rushes over three consecutive days on 20-25 different projects in this list . ( The number of rush is not yet fixed ) . Each rush may be tempted three times. Only the best performance will be selected.
The team will choose the dates of rushes . It should just declare at least 24 hours before the start .

For each project, on December 31 at 23:59 UTC , the teams will be ranked according to the number of points generated during these three days . The first 10 teams will get Rush BOINC point . The distribution of RB points is identical to the Formula 1 : 25/18/15/12/10/8/6/4/2/1 .
The general Rush Boinc ranking will be simply obtained by adding all RB points of each team..

To give more visibility to less powerful teams , we plan to create three leagues according the teams average production in December. A super- league will aggregate all teams.
Super Division : All teams
League 1: average production > 10,000,000 by day
League 2 : 1,000,000 <average production < 9,999,999
League 3: average production < 999,999.

What's your opinion on this idea? I created a thread on WUProp message board
We need to know if your team would be interested to participate in this competition.
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Re: Propposal for a new competion

Postprzez Robert7NBI » 30 lis 2013, 21:59

Repeat a rush is facultative. 20 rushes equals only 60 days in the year.
In addition, a team can align a rush with a challenge in which it participates.
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Re: Propposal for a new competion

Postprzez _MaRiO » 17 gru 2013, 12:24

Philippe G. Goossens


Hello Boinc Family,

Dear Cruncher,

The Formula Boinc is modeled on Formula One World Championship, circuits are projects, times are team's points made on each project from 1 January to 31 December. Set your crunch to have the best production on many projects and you get points for the podium of best Boinc's contributors.
New rules for 2014: The teams will be sorted in leagues according to their RAC. See list here.

Link to the Formula-Boing website:

Link detailing the divisions:

Participation is automatic if your team runs more than 10 projects

Thank you for spreading the word within your team

Kind Regards

Phil1966 on behalf of Steering committee FB.
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