Uprzątanie śmieci

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Uprzątanie śmieci

Postprzez Robert7NBI » 31 sty 2012, 22:48

MOO napisał(a):Well, maybe I was just lucky but I did manage to extract some information about key subspaces from them. Right now they are recycling work from subspace #3264 and fresh ones start from #3331 so 67 to go. Subspaces are about 85% to 95% completed and at the current rate of ~10%/day we blow through such subspace in about 1-2 days. Given these figures it would still take about 2 months to go through all the old subspaces sequentially and assuming they'll all need to get recycled now.

However, technically there's nothing stopping them switching to the fresh subspaces at any time. I've conveyed your concerns and wishes to them so they are aware of the situation "in the field". As always, there's also other things to consider when making these kind of decisions. In this case recycling is done in the hopes to get subspaces completely done because closing them out will ease the load on their aging keymaster server.

And who knows, maybe the key we are looking for as The Answer is in one of these recycled subspaces and we'll only hit it now due to this recycling. In which case the project would be completely over and done. :)
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Re: Uprzątanie śmieci

Postprzez cze_siek » 31 sty 2012, 22:58


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