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Zaproszenie z Chin

Postprzez Robert7NBI » 03 sty 2013, 14:29

Dostaliśmy zaproszenie z Chin do udziału w serii wyścigów...
Team China Challenge Series (2013)

Team China has its own chalenges for around 2 years. From this year, we are glad to invite everybody to join our challenges!

Purpose:Encourage more people to crunch "unpopular" projects (Compared to DRT or donate@home) which have lower credits or longer tasks. Encourage our friends to crunch different kinds of projects. We have kept some popular projects in the schedule in order to attract more people. In the future, we will have more and more “unpopular” chanllenges. We crunch; We communicate; We have fun.

2/24-2/27* * CAS@home (Chinese Lantern Festival)
3/12-3/15* * Collatz Conjecture@home (Tree Planting Day)
5/25-6/1* ** *Cosmology@home (Crazy May~)
6/12-6/17* * Einstein@home (Chinese Dragon Boat Festival)
7/10-7/14* * MilkyWay@home (Thank you! Team member “saiz”)
8/13-8/18* * Enigma@home (Chinese Valentine's Day)
9/10-9/15* * ABC@home (Chinese Teacher's Day)
10/1-10/6* * QMC@home (Chinese National Day)
11/11-11/22 WCG@home (Singles Day ^_^)
12/5-12/10* *LHC@home (Internatioal Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development)
12/25-12/28**Subsetsum@home (Christmas)

Almost each of these time periods actually contains one international festival or festival in China. We will introduce these festivals before we start crunching.*

Bonusifferent from other forums, has its own credit system. Just like the credit system in BOINC, the more you crunch in challenges, the more credits you get in These credits are for nothing, but for fun. We have a formula to calculate the credits you gain.*

Method: You do not need to change your team! Just tell us that you want to participate the challenge and crunch the correct projects in our forum ( You could find related post in English version. Post your user name in our forum, user name in BOINC and the name of your team and you are all set). Of course, you need to have an account in Just check this thread . It's easy~ If you have any problems or questions about registration or challenges in, just let me know.

Members in Team China are always glad to crunch with people from all of the world. Let's have fun~

Chińskie forum nie jest takie trudne. :loool Bywam tam od jakiegoś czasu, napisałem nawet parę postów - jakąś połowę zrozumieli. :jaja
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Re: Zaproszenie z Chin

Postprzez Robert7NBI » 03 sty 2013, 16:43

Tutaj instrukcja jak zarejestrować się na chińskim forum:
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Re: Zaproszenie z Chin

Postprzez Robert7NBI » 26 sty 2013, 12:28

update 1/26

The challenge in Feb will be CAS@home challenge, but.....
Although this is a Chinese project, I still need to say that it might not be a good time to invite members in other teams to join this challenge. To tell the truth, the management in CAS@home is not very good. Even in Team China, members continually complain about their lack of management or late news leasing. Therefore, we have no idea how to deal with the potential problems or questions during the CAS@home challenge. So, we would like to invite friends in Team SETI.USA to join our March challenge. New thread will be posted next month. Thank you for your reading!
Also, since I have to focus on my study in university, I may not be able to be the Ambassador of Team China for quite a long time. I won't leave BOINC. I really enjoy it. I also enjoy the discussion with all of the friends here. I will try to find someone else to work with you. Wish our two teams could have good relationship forever.

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Re: Zaproszenie z Chin

Postprzez szopler » 28 sty 2013, 20:53

Wyścig w Enigmie... :miszcz
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Re: Zaproszenie z Chin

Postprzez 3Rni » 28 sty 2013, 21:12

szopler napisał(a):Wyścig w Enigmie... :miszcz

Enigma? .....a to ten projekt który mi nie chce zadań dawać :zakrecony
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Powrót do PNT i inne drużyny.

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